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When I came to Monika with my head full of things I wanted to change in my life and I was feeling pretty overwhelmed with what life was throwing at me. I found Monika to be extremely perceptive and she helped me look at situations in different ways. She has helped me change my thinking about things and provided me with strategies to help me think more positively. As a result of my sessions with Monika my well-being has improved hugely. Talking things through with Monika helped me clarify my thoughts and thinking and allowed me to reflect on different aspects of my life. Things always feel clearer at the end of a session, with clear action points/next steps to achieve my goals. Monika also questioned me in a way that really got me thinking about my thoughts and feelings and supported the reflection process. I found the gap tasks useful as it really made sure you committed to the process. Monika offered to hear about examples of putting the strategies into practice through text or email which also gave a sense of achievement by celebrating the accomplishments with her. She was always so positive and encouraging in her feedback. I would highly recommend Monika to all. She has a wonderful personality and very easy to open up to. Thank you so much Monika. I found the sessions amazing!
Early Years Consultant, Manchester
I was feeling a little lost after moving back home to the UK after 6 years overseas. It was obvious that I was feeling unfilled and unhappy but I was unsure why.

Monika used a number of coaching techniques to help me understand and process my thoughts, she helped me understand my own value set which enabled me to understand why I was feeling or thinking a certain way, but also that understanding this would help me make decisions moving forward.

Monika helped me understand what was important to me and helped me to create a future plan to achieve both professional and personal fulfilment. She helped me to create areas to focus on to achieve this with a clear plan of action moving forward on how to get there. I would highly recommend Monika as a coach, she is a great listener and has a very good understanding of how to make you think differently. I particularly enjoyed Monika's growth mindset approach, her positive attitude and her sense of humour, all of this made our sessions fun and enjoyable and I always walked away having learned something new. If you are looking for an honest and reliable coach and someone you can trust simplicity, look no further than Monika, she's brilliant!
Senior Strategic Partnerships Director, London
I started working with Monika, because I decided to open a new chapter in my life – to move to another country and expand to a new market. I have strong personal and professional skills, strong educational background and a lot of experience. I am not afraid of changes but had a mindset which limited me in many ways in the past. As a result of working with Monika, I managed to recognize the internal sabotage, worked on changing my thinking patterns and strengthened my positive traits. I now see things in a wider perspective in terms of building my professional career and financial security. Monika Pawłowicz is committed to her work and works with passion. She has extensive knowledge and professional competences. This, in combination with her personality and open-mindedness, makes her stand out and makes her worth recommending.
Creative Graphic Designer & Marketing Manager, Warsaw
I had a great opportunity to be coached by Monika for the last three months and I need to say that I really enjoyed working with her. She is a fantastic coach who created a comfortable and safe space for me to share my thoughts and feelings. She helped me to look at my life from a different perspective and has empowered to take actions that I didn’t think of previously. Always very professional, enthusiastic and empathetic. Monika is an excellent listener who successfully challenged my limiting beliefs, gave me courage and confidence that I was lacking for a long time. I strongly recommend Monika!
Recruitment Consultant, Oxford
It was the first time I was coached by someone and I highly recommend: 1.Coaching 2. Monika.

She started coaching me when I was made redundant, which supposedly is not the end of the earth, but it was a big issue for me and I needed someone there to guide me through the reasons why it happened and what can be done to fix it. Monika was very creative and thorough with her approach, writing session summaries and giving me different tasks to complete or techniques to practice. As a result, we discovered some of my behavioural patterns and implemented few action points to change them, which I’m very grateful for. Monika has a good sense of humour and is very easy to speak to, like an old friend who’s there to support you and celebrate your accomplishments. Thank you Monika
Project Manager, London
Monika has a very good, intuitive coaching approach. She listens, reflects back and helps to understand. Her coaching skills helped me to clarify a lot of aspects of my life, and helped me to reach my goals. Monika is respectful and non-judgemental; highly recommend.
Polish interpreter and NEWway Project Administrator, London
Monica is an excellent coach and helped me achieve goals when I was going through a tough time. She is excellent listener, non-judgemental. If you are thinking of life coaching don’t bother looking more. I would highly recommend Monica.
Assistant Vice President, London
Big heart, sharp mind, warm smile, and tons of professionalism. This is what Monika delivers in a nutshell. Oh, and she asks the right questions..
Estate Agent, London
I had great pleasure to meet Monika and had few face to face sessions with her and the time we spent talking was an amazing experience. I could definitely feel an amazing and positive energy and knew pretty much straight away that we will work well together. She can dig deeply into your soul and bring the best out of you in no time. Monika is very passionate about her work, she is great at it and I wish her all the best in the future.
Business Owner, London
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