The Ultimate 12 Week Coaching Programme

Can you relate to the below points?

  • You feel dissatisfied with your personal and/or professional life and you don’t know what to do to change that.
  • You feel like your limiting beliefs keep holding you back from taking action towards your goals and ambitions.
  • You find it difficult to adjust to life abroad and you find the cultural differences challenging.
  • You lowered your career expectations after moving abroad and you now feel unfulfilled and stuck. Deep inside you know you can do much better!
  • You struggle to fit into a new environment while remaining your true authentic self.
  • The fears of failure/judgement/rejection keep you in your comfort zone and stop you from achieving what you’re capable of.
  • You know what you need to do but lack the drive or motivation to make it happen.
  • Your low self-esteem and language barriers prevent you from speaking your mind and communicating effectively.
  • You’re doing well, but under the surface you know there is more to experience and achieve. You just don’t know how to make it happen.

Are any of these standing in your way to leading a successful and fulfilled life?

If your answer is YES then I have good news – you have come to the right place!

You are just one click away from getting professional support from someone who has been there and found a way to turn things around.

What is international mindset coaching?

It is an effective method of self-development and a thought-provoking change process. It helps you get more clarity on your current situation and identify where the change needs to take place in order for you to achieve defined goals. It’s a unique partnership between coach and coachee built on taking action, maximising your potential and discovering your internal resources.

In simple words, coaching helps you get from where you are right now to where you want to be, both personally and professionally.

Your mindset is a fundamental factor influencing your success – whether personal or professional. Mindset coaching focuses on overcoming limiting beliefs, internal blocks, fears and insecurities that determine your responses, actions and results.

International mindset is a key to leading a successful and fulfilling life in a multicultural environment. It helps you adapt to a new culture smoothly, be open to learning, and overcome communication barriers and cultural differences that may stand in the way of you achieving your goals.

What benefits you will get from the international mindset coaching?

  • Individual approach tailored to your specific needs.
  • Safe and non-judgmental space for self-expression.
  • SMART goal setting.
  • Someone (me!) to keep you accountable.
  • Creating long-term solutions (not just quick fixes).
  • Maximised potential.
  • Overcoming mental blocks.
  • Gaining motivation to take consistent action.
  • You will start acting from a place of deep confidence.
  • Results!

How do I coach?

Coaching with me is an intensive process of uninstalling your old, habitual patterns and creating new and empowering ways of thinking and being. Transforming your mindset enables you to take control over your life, move forward and turn your aspirations into reality.

I take my expat clients through the transformational process to develop new habits of thinking, take consistent action to get unstuck and create different results in life.

I believe in change through immersion to produce measurable results and I have developed an intensive programme that is designed to produce lasting changes for my clients.

What do you get in my programme?

  • Intensive two-hour breakthrough session
  • Weekly 1-2-1 coaching sessions
  • Ongoing support for the duration of the programme
  • Access to my online community
  • Tools and exercises to aid and stimulate your personal development between sessions
  • Personalised recommendations of resources to develop and condition your mindset
  • A strategy and plan of action for coming months

So, what result can you expect?

The results are ultimately down to you, but below are some of the practical examples of what my clients have achieved from working with me:

  • Promotions
  • Successful career transitions aligned with their values, needs and personality
  • Smooth assimilation after the relocation to another country
  • Finding a deeper sense of purpose and direction in life
  • Better performance at work and in business
  • Achieving work-life balance
  • Improved and more effective communication (in personal and professional life)
  • Boosted confidence
  • ….and much more!

Why pick me as your Coach?

I came into coaching as a result of my personal transformation and pure passion for people and their development. I can proudly say that I am very well positioned to partner with you through an effective coaching process, supported by my professional experience and academic knowledge, as well as my personal journey. I have walked the walk!

There were times in my life where my limiting beliefs and mindset blocks were holding me back from feeling fulfilled and content. I was constantly caught between the battles of my low self-esteem and great ambition. My fears of being judged and rejected were two of my main drivers at the time.

I have gone through a long and conscious journey and managed to build a solid mindset and personal efficacy. I have created my own definitions of success and fulfilment. I managed to find my authentic self and start living my life according to my values. In doing so, I refused to live by other people’s expectations and below my potential.

My new-found and empowering mindset supported me in my relocation to London and, although things were uncomfortable at first, it enabled me to overcome challenges, learn from them, pursue my aspirations and advance in my career creating a successful and fulfilling life abroad.

Through my work in coaching, my goal is to extend that personal satisfaction to all my clients.

My approach

My calling in life is to inspire and help others to unlock their potential and empower them to become the best they can be. I am hugely fascinated by how the human mind works and I strongly believe that a solid mindset is the key to a successful and fulfilling life.

I help my clients to move towards success AND fulfilment instead success OR fulfilment. Having both is the greatest achievement of all!

Coaching with me is a combination of both practical and individual approaches, as well as the psychologically-minded coaching techniques and frameworks.

I believe that all aspects of life – relationships, career, finances and health – are closely linked, define our life together and impact our sense of satisfaction. As such, I offer coaching on both personal and professional matters.

I’m here to challenge you, cheer you on and hold you accountable while moving you forward to become high-achieving version of yourself.

My Qualifications & Experience

I am a fully certified coach with a diploma from one of the leading coaching schools in London, Animas Centre for Coaching. In my work as coach, I follow the standards and ethical code of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

My educational background is in philology and intercultural business communication. During my postgraduate studies, I devoted my Master’s thesis to coaching.

My professional background encompasses HR and Learning & Development. I have worked for international firms in Cracow and London where I supported employees in their development through coaching and mentoring, which lead to positive changes in their behaviour and performance.

Worried about the investment?

What price would you put on achieving your goals, living a life of your full potential and confidence, supported by your truly unbreakable mindset, and taking yourself in a direction of success and fulfilment? The most powerful investment you can ever make is in yourself.

My coaching programme is very affordable!

But if I am not in budget after our discovery session, I have a range of coaches around me that can accommodate you. I would be more than happy to help.

Still not convinced?


100% Money-Back Guarantee

Up to 30 days into our coaching relationship, if you decide you don’t want to continue working together for whatever reason then I will immediately refund you with the entire amount you have invested.

To date, this hasn’t happened. If your results within 30 days won’t match your expectations, you won’t pay a thing!

All in all, there is no risk for you to give it a go.

I’d like to offer you the opportunity to experience the mindset coaching with me without first having to commit to a full programme. It’s your 60-minute 1-2-1 session with me to identify your goals, get crystal clear on where you are right now and uncover what holds you back from getting to where you want to be. I will provide you with as much value as I can, map out a tailored plan for your first steps towards your aspirations, and present the bespoke coaching programme that I can offer you.

You will get a preview of what a coaching session with me is like and on that basis we will be able to make a decision whether we want to work together.

You’ll leave the session with clarity, energy and readiness to start taking action!

Get a free discovery session to see how mindset coaching can help you.

Still not convinced?

Answer this truthfully:

When you imagine yourself in five years from now, do you want to want to see yourself living the same life as you are living now?

If that’s a NO, maybe it’s time to do something about it.

Wouldn’t it feel amazing to know that you did everything you could to create the life you always wanted? A life in which you unleashed your full potential, took control over your thoughts and emotions, and created a solid mindset that supported you to operate at your best level?

Because, what are the alternatives?

  • Standing still and staying exactly as you are now?
  • Missing opportunities?
  • Letting your fears control your life?
  • Not living up to your full potential?
  • Hiding behind your insecurities?
  • Being trapped by your limiting way of thinking?
  • Lacking drive and motivation to achieve what you’re capable of?

“The future depends on what you do today” – Ghandi

Remember, big changes always start with small decisions. Choose to take the action today.

I would be honoured to help you successfully move towards your ideal future, self and achievements.

I can’t wait to see you very soon!

Monika Pawlowicz MA

~ International Mindset Coach

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