About Me

I am an International Mindset Coach, and I help professional expats transform their mindset to become high-achieving versions of themselves. I came into coaching as a result of my own personal transformation and passion for people and their development. As a certified coach and an expat myself, I have dedicated my career to helping others through my own personal journey, professional experience, and academic knowledge.

My Story

I was born in a small town in Poland, but I dreamed of one day exploring the world and becoming a high achiever in some big city somewhere exciting.

I was the chubby and unpopular kid in school. This caused me to feel highly sensitive and inferior to other people, which significantly lowered my confidence. I found it very hard to feel anything other than ‘average’ at best.

Although, as I grew up, I started to look better, and I was finally well thought of by others, the way I felt about myself didn’t change. As a result, I always found myself seeking approval from others and trying to live by other people’s expectations. If you do that too, you’ll know how exhausting it can be!

During this time, my dad was diagnosed with a brain tumour. I was terrified and was struggling to understand why this cruel disease happened to my Dad and in such a loving family. Luckily, all ended well, which I was extremely grateful for; however, it left me feeling fearful and insecure.

I wanted to push myself forward, so I took a leap and went to university in a big city, with more opportunities, hoping it would be the thing I needed to build my confidence and reach my potential. While progressing with my studies, I got my first job. Nevertheless, my thinking didn’t change, and I was still caught between the battles of my low self-esteem and great ambitions. Every step towards my goals was an effort and a constant fight with my inner voice. This simply made my life much harder than it needed to be.

I grew tired of my negative way of thinking. That is when I realised that something in my life must change and I was the only one that could make it happen. I started looking for solutions. I read books, attended personal development events, and began to work with my very own coach. I learned that success starts with a strong mindset, and If I wanted to become a high-achiever, this was the most important thing to work on!

I saw the results immediately in the way I felt, and this led me to become fascinated with the power of the human mind and psychology. I then started to think about my purpose and who I really wanted to become. I was gradually getting more and more clarity about myself, re-evaluating my values, and appreciating my talents and strengths. Having seen the huge effects that coaching had on my mindset, I started getting more and more into the coaching arena, and during my postgraduate studies, I decided to devote my master’s thesis to coaching.

Soon after I got my master’s, I had a hunger for more. I wanted more challenges, more growth, and more adventure! I remembered my goals of exploring the world, and with my new-found confidence, I decided to move to London.
I came to London without a job (which seems very risky to me now, but for some reason did not back then…). Nonetheless, I had confidence in myself and was ready and excited about the new chapter of my life. The confidence paid off, and I soon secured my first job in the City of London in an international company.

The new environment felt uncomfortable at first; being in a foreign country, far from family and friends was challenging, but with the new mindset I had created, I didn’t let those challenges define, nor shape me, in any way. I soon managed to advance in my field (Learning & Development) and build a successful career.

I soon realised that other expats were having completely different experiences to me when settling into a new country. They were finding the transition extremely overwhelming and were facing a number of blocks to their success.

Having had such massive shifts in my mindset on my own journey and having completed my master’s thesis in coaching, I realised I wanted to be the person to help these professional expats. I mean, I understood them far better than anyone else; I was one!

My confidence was growing, and so were my goals! I knew what I wanted and the people I wanted to help, so I decided to take my passion for coaching to the next level and start my own business. I studied at one of the leading coaching schools in London and became a certified coach. I also hired a Business and Mindset Coach to continue to support me.

I’ve come a long way from the young girl with low self-esteem and limiting beliefs to a woman with self-awareness, confidence, and an unbreakable mindset that has allowed me to become the person I always wanted to be.

Today, I am an International Mindset Coach and have my own coaching business, helping expats from all over the world.
If you had told me some time ago that I’d be traveling the world, fulfilling my potential, helping other people become high-achieving versions of themselves, AND not having that irritating inner dialogue going on in my head, I would’ve laughed!

I am now passionate about helping others through using my own personal journey, professional experience, and my extensive academic knowledge. If you are an expat with big goals, I am currently offering complimentary discovery sessions. During this session, we will assess your goals, uncover any hidden mental mindset obstacles that could be sabotaging your success, and create a strategy that will allow you to become the higher achieving version of yourself that you’ve always dreamed of.

Together, let’s make sure you transform your mindset, achieve your goals, and ensure that moving to another country was the huge success you planned it to be!

Monika Pawlowicz MA

~ International Mindset Coach

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