Enjoy the process

Enjoy the process

One of the things I was not so good at in my past was ENJOYING THE RIDE.

Ride to my goals…

I knew what I wanted, and I wanted it fast.

Yeah, I used to be very impatient for results… 

And I know for a fact I am not an exception, plenty of people do exactly the same.

The society we live in has somehow been modeled in a way that makes people want INSTANT results!

It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of getting where we want to be….

• I’ll be happy when…
• I’ll enjoy myself when….
• I’ll be proud of myself when…

Sounds familiar?

Wow! What a pressure we put on ourselves!

Forgetting what it’s like to live! 

Leaving enjoyment by the wayside.

Becoming blind to all the good that is in our lives, blind to our beautiful journey to what we want to achieve. 

And believe me, there is so much on the way! 

I’ve learnt this lesson when I moved abroad.

And if you are an expat too, you know that initially:

– Things are different from what you are used to 
– Things may take more time to achieve initially
– It is so difficult to have perfect and fast results straightaway! 

So you can either enjoy the process of settling down or you can stress about the fact that you’re not quite there yet.

More precisely…

– You can enjoy the process of brushing up or learning a language or you can beat yourself up for every single mistake you’ve made and every single time you were asked to repeat…

– You can be curious about what’s new and excited to rediscover yourself in a new environment, or you can be miserable and feel completely lost.

– You can let the challenges of moving abroad define you, overwhelm you, and impact your confidence or you can treat them as opportunities to grow, to learn, to experience…

It’s literally down to you how you handle those!

So, I finally acknowledged that the key to success and fulfillment is to enjoy the ride. 

I now know that the journey towards my goals matters more than the destination itself.

And what happens when we focus on the process instead?

Magic happens guys!

You start to enjoy learning, you notice how much you grow, you take control and appreciate things more.

So, if I had to tell you one of the things that living abroad taught me for sure…

It is a patience for the result to come and truly enjoying my journey to them.

So, plan for the future, set beautiful goals, set your mind to achieve them…

But also make a conscious choice to feel good and enjoy yourself while going there. 

Notice what you’re learning…
How much you’re growing…
Be proud of who you’re becoming.

Simply enjoy the RIDE! Enjoy the PROCESS!

Yup, that’s it – write it down and slap it on your fridge! 

Your journey to your goals can be exciting and enjoyable, if you let it be! You decide!

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