Comparison Game

Comparison Game

The Comparison Game SUCKS!

I know, because I used to compare myself a lot in my past!

No matter what I did, what I had and how I looked.


Just because…

Others had more!

• More successful careers 
• Nicer apartments 
• More interesting lifestyles 
• …and expensive holidays that I could not really afford.

And believe me or not. Once you begin going down that road, it’s hard to find an end.

So this vicious circle continued until I’ve learnt something important that really changed the game for me:

– that our brain is designed to compare and will continue doing that as long as we live (!) 
– and what we CAN control is WHAT we make comparisons to; and the best thing you can do is to switch from comparing yourself to others to 
comparing yourself to…YOU!

All it takes is changing the FOCUS. 


The thing is, you know, we are so different. We’re too unique to compare fairly! 

We all have different backgrounds, different visions for life; different values, needs and wants.

So it is simply not fair to compare. 

And also, bear in mind that…

You are comparing your work in progress with somebody’s results.

Your behind-the-scenes with other’s highlight reel. 

You don’t really know what journey they’ve gone through and what’s really there… 

Comparisons give us no value, no meaning, or fulfilment at all.

They just distract.

Distract from what’s important. 
From what you have and where you’re heading.

So, in all honesty, there is always going to be someone prettier, smarter or richer than you. 

And good for them! 


You from the past and you from the future to see how much you’ve grown, where you’re heading and what’s in between.

And that’s it! 


And others? Use their example as an inspiration, not measurement of where you are. 

Simple switch – huge difference.

So Now…

The only Comparison Game you should play is the one with yourself!

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