You always have a choice

You always have a choice

Overheard on the tube! 

London underground – you want it or not, you get to hear the most bizarre conversations sometimes.

So, there are two ladies I get to see (and hear!) regularly a couple of times per week.

Same station, same carriage, same route to work.

And today I thought that I was experiencing deja vu.

But, in fact, there was no deja vu happening at all.

I simply heard the same conversation before.

Many, many times!

The ladies were speaking about their jobs and, more precisely how much they ‘hate’ doing what they do.

They kept talking on and on about their bosses, unmanageable workloads and how exhausted they are already at 8:30 AM.

The first thought I had was that it’s so sad that they’ve been feeling like that for months and nothing has changed since.

The second thought I had was that there were times in my past when I felt exactly the same way.

Unfulfilled, trapped and literally burned out…
The reason for that?

I could blame the role, the boss, the clients and countless different things.

But in all honesty?

The main reason for that was… ME!

Me and MY choices.

My personal and work values were simply not connected at all.

Nor did my personality match my career back then. 

What I cared about was something that did not really matter there.

And the other way round…

And as I learnt, that never works long term. Period!

If this condition is not met, sooner or later burnout will start. (And yeah, you can have burnout in your twenties too!)

It’s truly hard to aspire for more, if less already seems far too much to handle.

It’s a real problem, it really is.

87% of people worldwide are not satisfied with their jobs! Crazy, right?

And above reasons are the case for many of them.

Don’t let it happen to YOU! ????

All in all, we’ve got just one life, don’t we? 
Shouldn’t we live it to its fullest? 

Life is too short to spend it constantly waiting… for 5 pm, for the weekend, for holidays, for retirement…

The thing is, you know, our lives are shaped by our DECISIONS and I want you to remember that you always have a CHOICE.

You can choose not to take new actions and to settle for the current circumstances, OR you can decide to take the first step towards the future you deserve and desire.????

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