Knowing yourself is power

Knowing yourself is power

“Stuck and unhappy!

…is all I’ve been feeling for the past half year!”

Was exactly how my client started our first coaching session a few months ago.

A successful manager, new expat in London with flourishing career.

Talented and smart.

With high aspirations to make her move abroad a success!

We started by exploring what’s really beneath.

And it immediately came out:

– she felt lost in a new culture with various mentalities and values that were very different from hers.

So she’s been pushing hard to fit into her new life while trying to stay true to herself.

No longer understanding what it really means…

Why would this happen?

– from not knowing herself!

As simple as it may sound, it’s not simple at all!

‘Who am I?’ – she kept asking herself.

Not easy to answer and I get it! I’ve been there myself!

So, we analysed her values, her needs and her traits.

Then discussed carefully who is the person she would really like to become.

– what it is that she wants to keep from her culture 
– and what it is from the new one she wants to make her own

To create her new self. Reinvented self!

Nailing down this enabled us to build strong foundations for the rest of the process and successfully move her to achieving her goals.

Knowing yourself is power! A foundation of any authentic success in life.

It impacts choices we make and the results we get.

As a coach, I never stop being impressed by people’s ability to improve and progress once they get clarity on who they really are!

What about you? How well do you know yourself?

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